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Cramer’s lightning round: The way to play Goldman’s downgrade of Starbucks


Starbucks Corp.: “I think that Starbucks got hit by a downgrade last week by Goldman [Sachs] and it was very chilling, and yet I think that [CEO] Kevin Johnson pretty much acquitted himself well. I think there’s probably $2 down and maybe $5 up [in terms of risk-reward]. Look, the stock was at $52, $53, so it’s hard to just come out with guns blazing and say, ‘Buy it here,’ but that’s my take.”

Dynavax Technologies Corp.: “Very controversial in terms of infectious disease. I’d love to have them on. I think the stock’s too low to sell, but I don’t have a catalyst.”

ArcelorMittal SA: “The only steel company I’m recommending is Nucor, NUE. I’m steadfast about that. I think, if you want to own a steel company, you own Nucor. [CEO] John Ferriola – good job there.”

Aimmune Therapeutics Inc.: “I think the stock’s too low. It’s part of the bear market in biotech, and yet I believe that their peanut allergy [medication] is going to be very, very big and a lot more people are impacted by that than people realize.”

Square Inc.: “Absolutely[, I still recommend Square as a long-term hold]. Square is not a value stock. Square is a growth stock. Yes, we will all miss [former CFO] Sarah Friar. She went to Nextdoor, where she’s doing a fantastic job, and she’s just monster good. But I think Square’s franchise is a terrific fintech franchise and I think they’ll do just fine and I think the customers really like Square and, full disclosure, [at my Mexican restaurant] Bar San Miguel, we use it. We use Caviar. We like it. What can I say?”

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.: “I am not a recommender of any Chinese stocks. That said, if you had to own one, it would be Alibaba, which is an amazing company. I worry about the trade talks. A breakdown will cause a breakdown in Alibaba’s stock.”

Clearway Energy Inc.: “It’s been terrible. It’s been terrible for this kind of flotsam-and-jetsam solar and infrastructure play. That yields 9 percent. To me, when I see a yield like that, that is strictly a red flag, a challenge flag, and I’m going to have to challenge that one. I do not know if that company is doing as well … as once thought.”

PetIQ Inc.: “We’ve got to take advantage of the fact that Idexx Labs, which was at $256, is now down to $189. I like that a lot more.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable trust owns shares of Goldman Sachs.

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