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WolfpackBOT (WOLF)


The world’s fastest and most secure Trading Bot

1 WolfpackBOT is a highly advanced cryptocurrency trading software that allows for the execution of trades at lightning speed using proprietary trading algorithms, proprietary “Werewolf” Trading Analysis configurations, or user-customized settings based on personal trading style. WolfpackBOT also allows for simultaneous trading access to all compatible cryptocurrency exchanges that are available to the bot, and all trading pairs with the WerewolfBOT subscription package.
2 WolfpackBOT is introducing an industry first, a beautiful automated cryptocurrency trading console: The WolfBOX. This efficient and sleek piece of hardware will conveniently allow for the full utilization of a bot subscription without the need for a VPS or dedicated computer. The WolfBOX will also include a built-in secure Hardware Wallet and RFID card reader to optimize ease-of-use and functionality.
3 WolfpackBOT trading software is enabled with limit, market, and “Wolf Trade” orders on all trading candles, including one-minute candles, with the widest array of technical trading indicators available on the market WolfpackBOT’s proprietary “Wolf Trade” orders provide superior market sell orders with a bite! WolfpackBOT is the only trading bot to feature live price scanning on your positions and also handles partial fills with ease, meaning you don’t miss out on orders. WolfpackBOT is incredibly fast and can fulfill up to 10,000 trades per day depending on market conditions and subscription package,
4 WolfpackBOT allows simultaneous trading access to all cryptocurrency exchanges that are available to the bot, and all trading pairs through the WerewolfBOT subscription plan. Not only do inferior bots allow limited access to one exchange and one trading pair per bot, they also store your API keys remotely on servers which are potentially susceptible to hacks and pump and dump attacks. User security and API key protection holds a high priority within the WolfpackBOT framework which is why it is the only trading bot that gives users full control with local management of their API keys.
5 The Wolfcoin blockchain and network are both designed and engineered to ensure store of value, transactional speed and security, and fungibility. The main goal of the Wolfcoin blockchain is to facilitate fast and secure transactions with a governance that helps sustain the network for the benefit of all users. The Wolfcoin blockchain is a two-tier network comprised of a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism powered by miners and a Proof of Service (PoSe) system powered by masternodes. Miners receive rewards for ensuring the security of the blockchain and masternodes are rewarded for facilitating the features of the network including Private Send and Instant Send. Wolfcoin uses the X11 hashing algorithm and is based on the Bitcoin Core codebase version 0.12.

1 Token: WOLF Accepting: USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, ETH
2 Platform: PoS 3.0 Distributed in ICO: 80%
3 Type: PoS 3.0 Soft Cap: N/A
4 Price in ICO: 1 WOLF = 0.1 USD Hard Cap: 80,000,000 USD
5 Total Supply: 300,000,000 WOLF Restricted Areas: Iran, North Korea, China
6 Tokens for Sale: 240,000,000 WOLF Minimum investment: 50 USD
7 Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Whitelist: YES

1 WolfpackBOT Crowdsale Stage I : 26.66% (80,000,000 WOLF)
6 WolfpackBOT Crowdsale Stage II : 26.66% (80,000,000 WOLF)
7 WolfpackBOT Crowdsale Stage III : 26.66% (80,000,000 WOLF)
8 WolfpackBOT Vault : 10.00% (30,000,000 WOLF)
9 Team Members: 05.00% (15,000,000 WOLF)
10 Founders’ Supply (Locked) : 05.00% (15,000,000 WOLF)

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