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Joe Biden and advisors to discuss potential 2020 kickoff, which could come as late as Easter week


Joe Biden wants to declare whether he will run for president as late as Easter week, according to people familiar with the matter, and he plans to meet with top advisors next week to discuss how he would roll out a 2020 campaign.

CNBC first reported in March.

An emphasis on infrastructure would give Biden an opportunity to directly challenge President Donald Trump on a key aspect of the president’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. The Trump administration’s infrastructure proposal, which suggested $200 billion in federal spending would trigger $1.5 trillion in investments, failed to gain traction in Congress when the Republican Party controlled both chambers.

The meetings are the latest indication that Biden, who also represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate for more than three decades, that he is inching closer to a likely run for president in 2020. Biden generally leads polls of Democratic primary voters, ahead of Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Kamala Harris of California.

Still, people close to Biden warn that even as he says he is leaning toward running, he has not made a final decision on jumping into the crowded Democratic field.

The latest development also comes after some skeptical Democratic financiers told Biden they will not back him in the early goings of the growing primary. The donors told Biden they’re not yet convinced he can overtake the younger, more diverse and progressive field, and that they are going to wait to see how he competes in the race, CNBC has reported.

Meanwhile, Biden has been on what some have described as an apology tour.

On Tuesday, he spoke at the Biden Courage Awards ceremony and addressed the way he handled interviewing Anita Hill during the 1991 Senate confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“I wish I could have done something,” he said. “To this day I regret I couldn’t come up with a way to give her the kind of hearing she deserved.”


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