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Evian unveils at-home mineral water dispenser to cut plastic waste


Evian’s new (Re)new system features a collapsible plastic bubble | Credit: Evian

The Evian (Re)new system features a five-litre water ‘bubble’ of recycled plastic so customers can refill water bottles at home

As scrutiny over brands’ use of plastic packaging continues to intensify, water giant Evian yesterday unveiled a new at-home water dispenser it claims will deliver a “significant reduction” in plastic packaging.

The Evian (Re)new system features a five-litre “bubble” of water attached to a dispenser, so customers can refill their water bottles with Evian mineral water at home.

The “bubble” is made from 100 per cent recycled plastic and is 100 per cent recyclable, the company said. It has a skin so thin it collapses as it empties, meaning it uses 66 per cent less plastic than a 1.5 litre Evian bottle. An accompanying app will allow consumers to order bubble refills when necessary.

Consumers are growing increasingly concerned by the impact of single-use plastics on the world’s oceans, and many brands and retailers have taken steps to cut their plastic use and promote refillable containers.

The rise in public concern poses a particular challenge for bottled water producers, which often rely on single-use plastics for their on-the-go products.

Evian has already promised to make all its bottles from recycled plastic by 2025, and launched a branded refillable water bottle earlier this year.

For its refillable system Evian – which is owned by Danone – is counting on consumers wanting mineral water even if it is sourced from their own home.

The launch of the new system is part of Evian’s efforts to become a ‘circular brand’ by 2025, explained Patricia Oliva, Evian’s global brand vice president. “At Evian we owe everything to nature and are committed to a healthy planet,” she said in a statement. “This will only be achieved by new ways of thinking and of doing business. And this is why we’re challenging ourselves to reinvent new ways to provide Evian natural mineral water to consumers. This unique bubble design represents a breakthrough in design thinking which brings the purity of Evian natural mineral water from the source to the home in a more circular way.”

A four-month pilot of 200 customers in London and Paris will get underway in September, Evian said, but no details on pricing were available. “We are inviting consumers to join a community of early adopters who will be an extension of our innovation team, helping us to co-create this solution,” Oliva added. “Together we will fine-tune Evian (Re)new with a view to bringing a scalable and circular solution to market.”

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