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3 Things I Do Every Single Day as a CEO


I’m a very “hands on” leader and I’m technical so I spend a lot of time with the product and engineering teams. On a day-to-day basis things can change a bit but I try and split my time to answer the following: (a) how are we building the best product which represents our long-term vision and short and mid-term client needs (b) how are we finding and cultivating the best people with the best culture and (c) how are meeting the needs of our current clients and the ones we hope to work with soon.

Of course, as a startup CEO, the other big area that’s always on my mind and one of the only things I can absolutely control is the financial underpinnings of the company which generally means answering the following: (a) do we have enough cash in the bank to achieve the goals in front of us, (b) do we have the right financial partners around the table to help us get there and (c) are we building toward a sustainable company for the long-term, which is important and valuable.

I’ve spent some time trying to summarize lessons learned[1] from several decades starting companies that might be helpful if you’re looking for some more in depth advice.

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