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Ico’s Condition Still Guarded, but Showing Improvement


Ico’s Condition Still Guarded, but Showing Improvement

On, Wednesday, 27 November 2019
Emily Ico, 29, the mother of nine year-old Danielle Hall who died under strange circumstances while at home in Ico’s company in August, is said to be doing slightly better at the psychiatric institution in Belmopan.

Ico, who has been at that facility since soon after the August 16th 2019, incident, remains on medication and her prognosis and future are still unknown. The Reporter spoke with a member of the Ico family this week who shared with us that Ico is now starting to talk – something she has not done since her daughter died. She is reportedly also eating much better and sleeping better. The hospital is still not allowing Ico to receive any visitors as her condition remains very guarded.

The last time the relative went to visit Ico a few weeks ago, they were not permitted to see her but were encouraged to return soon when a doctor is present for an update on her condition and the outlook for her recovery.

Ico and Danielle were at their Ontario Village home at approximately 10am. that morning when neighbours reported hearing strange noises coming from the house and heard her breaking up the household items, screaming in a strange language and then saw her through the window jumping on the bed.

The erratic behaviour is something out of the norm for Ico – a devout Christian who lived by her Bible, engaged in the village’s women’s group activities, and who took every care to train her only child to be a decent person.

The neighbours summoned Ico’s common-law husband, Daniel Hall, to come home at once to see what was happening, but by the time he got home from work, his daughter lay motionless on a bed and Ico was on the floor displaying very strange behaviour.

Hall rushed little Danielle to the Loma Luz Hospital for urgent help but it was too late.

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