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The Iceman, Kimi Räikkönen Reveals the Secret of Staying the Coolest F1 Driver


F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen, also known as the ”Iceman” has started co-operation with the CTN Group. CTN is a company specialising in recovery equipment using super cold temperatures, also called Cryotherapy. The technology is developed and manufactured in Finland by the local group subsidiary, and their cutting edge equipment offers help in recovery, stress reduction, improved quality of sleep and pain relief. The CTN Group is a global pioneer in high-end cold therapy equipment, with products exported to more than 35 countries. Latest patented innovations enable localised cold therapy treatments without liquefied gasses, using only standard electricity. The company launched earlier this year the first electric-only X°Cryo device, which makes cryotherapy more affordable and accessible to a much wider clientele than before. This treatment traditionally used mainly by top athletes has now become a feasible option for all of us.

“Many international sports and entertainment mega-stars have already discovered the benefits of cold therapy, but with the Iceman, Kimi Räikkönen, we found a perfect match and great global ambassador for our brand. Despite the well funded large and professional teams behind them, Formula 1 is a very demanding sport for the driver. It requires both physical and mental strength and undivided and continuous focus. As soon as we heard that Kimi had found the benefits of cold therapy, it was a very natural and mutually beneficial decision to start working together with him and to provide him the best available equipment to optimise his performance”, says Mr. Mare Oravainen, Chief Sales officer of the CTN Group.

Kimi Räikkönen’s Swiss home is now equipped with both a whole body cryotherapy cabin (CTN Cryo°Cabin) using liquid nitrogen and the electrically powered X°Cryo for localised treatments. Thanks to this co-operation he will become one of CTN Group’s most renowned international top athlete references.

“Driving a F1 car requires top-level fitness both mentally and physically. In particular, the legs and lower back are under heavy strain, and I’ve noticed that using the cryotherapy regularly accelerates my recovery and reliefs instantly pains and aches caused by physical training or a tough race weekend. It also relaxes the mind in a similar way as the ice baths I used to take, but this is a more effective and much faster way to recover and it really relaxes both the mind and body. I have always relied and liked Finnish high-tech and know-how, and when I learned that this equipment is being manufactured in Finland, to choose the right equipment for me was easy. When I am at home, I use the cold therapy equipment every day, and whenever possible I use the localised X°Cryo during the race weekends as well,” says Kimi Räikkönen.

CTN Group is the global technology leader in its field and has delivered cutting edge cryotherapy equipment to wide variety of professional athletes and teams, including NHL, NFL, ATP tennis stars etc. The company’s latest innovation is the electrically powered X°Cryo local treatment device, which is expected to revolutionise the availability of Cryotherapy as an easy-to-use, affordable, safe and more mobile option.

“The popularity of drug free therapies is growing, and I believe that not only top athletes, but also ordinary consumers will soon find the benefits of cryotherapy treatments. With the new electric X°Cryo, and its patented Cryomask option you can also refresh your face, reduce liquid retention, accelerate blood circulation to your entire head. The derma applicators enable efficient treatment of wide variety of skin symptoms and the physio treatment heads provide targeted relief for a variety of muscle and joint inflammation and pains”, says CTN Group’s medical director doctor Timo Kylmälä, MD. Phd.

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