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UK ICO sends kids online privacy code to govt for approval


The UK’s Information Commissioner has submitted to the government its proposal for an ‘Age Appropriate Design Code of Practice’. Consulted earlier this year with industry and the public, the code is expected to help better protect the privacy of children online. 

The code requires approval from Parliament before taking effect. However, this will need to wait for new MPs to take office after the election in December. 

The government included provisions in the Data Protection Act 2018 to create standards that provide proper safeguards for children when they are online. As part of that, the ICO was required to produce a statutory age appropriate design code of practice which has been dubbed the Kids Code. Its proposal is based on existing data protection laws and follows around 450 responses to the draft code sent out for consultation in April and “dozens of meetings” with trade bodies, industry representatives, campaigners and individual organisations, the ICO said. 

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