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How Entrepreneurs Succeed Outside Silicon Valley


Alex Lazarow, venture capitalist at Cathay Innovation, says that start-ups in cities around the United States and the world are creating their own rules for success. While Silicon Valley companies have sparked key innovations and generated huge wealth over the past few decades, not everyone should use them as a model going forward. In fact, we can learn a lot from frontier entrepreneurs, who are thinking more creatively about raising capital, sourcing talent, and pursuing social impact. Lazarow is the author of the book Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs–from Delhi to Detroit–Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley.
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ALISON BEARD: Hi everyone, it’s Alison. I hope that you’re all staying healthy and sane during this Covid-19 pandemic. The world has changed so much. At HBR, we’re social distancing – I’m recording this from my bedroom. But the episode that you’re about to hear was taped before the crisis hit, so we did not discuss it or its implications on startup ecosystems around the world. What I do know is that we need the innovation and social impact that our guest talks about more than ever. Thank you and most importantly, stay …

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