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Productivity Skills to Help You Gain Time Back


Executive Summary
Most of us are incredibly careful about how we spend our money. But when it comes to our time, we hardly give it a second thought. The good news is that there are easy ways to take some of your time back. Process-oriented tasks that can’t be automated should at the very least be delegated or outsourced. If it’s a low-risk, repeatable, non-complex task that somebody else can do for you at fraction of what your hourly rate is, why are you still doing it? Most decisions are reversible and should be made quickly. If it’s not necessary to have a meeting (it’s usually not), use asynchronous communication tools; the reality is that most things don’t require an immediate response. While you’ll initially have to spend some time to make time, like compound interest, over the long-term, you will save exponentially more time than you invest.

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We’re all busy — so busy. We have bills to pay, a mortgage to service, kids to take care of, and of course, work deadlines to meet. All of these commitments leave us with little meaningful time for ourselves, and for cultivating meaningful …

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