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To Build an Agile Team, Commit to Organizational Stability


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We’re often told that to cope with sudden and dramatic change, companies need to be agile and resilient. That’s never been more true than today, as we try to respond to the changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. But new research that we’ve been involved with suggests, paradoxically, that to achieve genuine agility and resilience, companies first have to commit themselves to stability.
A foundation of organizational stability is what provides people with a sense of confidence, security, and optimism during times of disruptive change in the workplace, which, in turn, allows them to keep calm, act rationally, and adapt effectively as the situation evolves. With that  in mind, we’ve devised seven evidence-based practices that leaders can use to build a stable foundation during the current crisis.
Sharpen Focus
In the throes of significant change, people get distracted. They worry about what’s happening and what might happen next. Extreme, threatening disruptions of the sort we’re experiencing today can prompt counterproductive …

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