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Passengers’ trust in Boeing & FAA is broken, Allied Pilots Association spokesman tells RT’s Boom Bust


Although Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have completed certification-flight tests on the 737 MAX, the troubled jets are far from returning to the skies, an aviation-industry insider believes.

“Why should you trust them? The trust is broken with Boeing and, to a certain extent, with the FAA,” said Dennis Tajer, Communications Committee Chairman for the Allied Pilots Association, the labor union that represents American Airlines pilots.

While the company is set to fix the stabilizing MCAS software that doomed two flights, it also needs to properly train pilots and go beyond being merely an absurd “iPad course,” according to Tajer.

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The spokesman added that Boeing also needs to get the green light from all the regulators, not only the FAA, which had earlier downplayed some risks.

“You can sense that there seems to be another rush to get this airplane going again,” Tajer told Boom Bust. “When it’s fixed, and we’re trained, and the airplane is fully vetted – and not just by the FAA, but by all these other regulators who are interested in calling into question how to make it even better – then that airplane will be good to fly.”

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