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Voice of the Village | The JAYA Alliance for women’s livelihoods


Voice of the Village | The JAYA Alliance for women's livelihoods

While India has made significant progress in educating its population, huge disparity still exists in the labour market between men and women. COVID-19 has exacerbated this issue by further limiting opportunities for women to enter the workforce.

Dharma Life Labs – a collaboration between Dharma Life, the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development, and Siriti – has launched the JAYA Alliance to tackle the effects of COVID-19 on women. Leveraging a network of female entrepreneurs, academic capabilities, and digital technology to create pathways for women to upskill and gain economic independence.

The second roundtable of the Voice of the Village Series brought together Professor Rajesh Chandy, Academic Director of the Wheeler Institute; Gaurav Mehta, CEO of Dharma Life; Sohan Shah, co-founder of Siriti; Pradeep Nair of the Ford Foundation; Diva Dhar of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Katja Freiwald of UN Women; Jessie Coates of EY; and three female Dharma Life Entrepreneurs (DLEs), Bindu Devi, Neerja Kukshal and Anita Devi.

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