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Disruption in Healthcare | Michael Gorton


Welcoming Michael Gorton, the CEO of RECURO Health, at the 2021 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Series, on the topic:

Disruption in Healthcare

About Michael Gorton:

A quintessential entrepreneur, mentor, and company builder, Michael leads the Recuro Health team which includes several leaders from Teladoc, where he served as the founding CEO and pioneered an industry-changing health care model that created a new efficiency paradigm in healthcare by delivering physicians to patients nationwide in under 12 minutes for $35.

Gorton ran Teladoc as CEO and Chairman for the first seven years of operations. Under his term, the company grew from a concept to one of the most recognized innovations in healthcare, with nearly two million patient members nationwide. Under the Teladoc model, physicians made more and patients paid less. Teladoc was studied and advocated by most of the major healthcare think tanks and was recently named one of the most innovative companies in healthcare. Teladoc recently entered the NYSE and now has a market cap of over $30B.

Michael’s decades of experience as a strategic visionary, impacting the telecommunications, music and healthcare industries include a leadership role as a founder of Principal Solar where he applied his business expertise, scientific education and training to the renewable energy sector — a strong voice and proponent of solar power.

He has served as a partner of the Texas Acceleration Group (TAG), an entity formed to assist startup companies and participated as a founder of Palo Duro Records. He is also credited as a founder of Internet Global, a company that delivered the first DSL network and one of the first VOIP networks. Prior to this, he worked as a project engineer at Dallas Power & Light dealing with power plants, distribution, transformer management and integration of renewable energy into the grid.

Michael earned a B.S. in engineering from Texas Tech, an M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Juris Doctorate from Texas A&M.

About RECURO Health:

Recuro Health is an integrated digital health solution that evolves healthcare from a reactive, disease-focused model to a personalized, proactive system. Recuro’s virtual health platform consists of a curated suite of digital solutions—from primary care and behavioral health to at-home testing and genetic screening. Fully customizable, these solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of any population, allowing patients to engage with physicians, receive more personalized care, and monitor their own health, no matter their location or circumstance. With streamlined information exchange between primary care and behavioral health teams as well as testing and screening tools, Recuro’s virtual health platform enables the delivery of coordinated, holistic care that ultimately results in better outcomes at a lower cost.

Recuro healthcare solutions occur at the intersection of quality, access and affordability, delivering appropriate care at the right time and place. We empower earlier and more efficient interventions, supplement in-person care, and provide a true mosaic of each member’s health and the efficacy of past interventions.

By evaluating outcomes and compliance together, the Recuro platform minimizes the need for acute, episodic care by providing the digital keys to member health. These combined assets provide appropriate referrals and recommendations that contribute to better patient engagement, enhanced outcomes and reduced costs.

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