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Reimagining the World of Transportation | Pierre Laguerre


Welcoming Pierre Laguerre, the founder & CEO of Fleeting, at the 2021 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Series, on the topic:

Reimagining the World of Transportation

Pierre Laguerre is the founder & CEO of Fleeting, a platform that connects the trucking industry’s key stakeholders – the shippers, the truck owners, and the drivers.

Pierre is an entrepreneur in transportation logistics who has over 17 years of experience in the space. While generating more than $5M in revenue through his transportation ventures, Pierre has successfully mentored young men who have gone on to earn their commercial drivers licenses. He has also facilitated growth in his peers who now own their own trucking and dispatch operations.

As a Haitian-born migrant, Pierre found his entrepreneurial passion in trucking. He started his journey as a truck driver. Since then, he’s earned the honor of becoming the first Black man to max out an SEC approved equity crowdfunding campaign. After excelling in the Quake Capital startup accelerator, Pierre has gone on to win pitch competitions with Harvard University, Chamillionaire, Kyrie Irvin and Damon John, all while being a calm collected head-of-household for his three young children.

About Fleeting:

Fleeting is a commercial fleet management and services company. Whether it’s driver supply or goods from the world’s largest shippers – we move it around efficiently. All from a powerful technology platform.

More than ever, truck owners and operators alike, are looking to avoid losing money on underutilized trucks. Whether you have 1 truck or 100 trucks, we are here for you.

From driver acquisition and management to expense tracking and payouts, everything is taken care of on behalf of our clients while maximizing the value of your investment.

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