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Scan Amazon S3 buckets for content moderation using S3 Batch and Amazon Rekognition


Dealing with content in large scale is often challenging, costly, and a heavy lift operation. The volume of user-generated and third-party content has been increasing substantially in industries like social media, ecommerce, online advertising, and media sharing. Customers may want to review this content to ensure that it follows corporate governance and regulations. But they need a solution to handle scale and automation.
In this blog, I present a solution to scan existing videos in your Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets using S3 batch operations and Amazon Rekognition.
S3 batch operations is a managed solution for performing storage actions in large scale. S3 batch operations can perform actions on lists of Amazon S3 objects that you specify. Amazon S3 tracks progress, sends notifications, and stores a detailed completion report of all actions, providing a fully managed, auditable, and serverless experience.
Amazon Rekognition enables you to analy …

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