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5 changes social-audio apps should consider making now


Adonica Shaw

Adonica Shaw is founder of Wingwomen, a health-and-wellness-focused social media platform for professional women.

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As social-audio apps like Clubhouse, Beams, Pludo, Racket and Quest have gained popularity in the last year, more marketers, product teams and up-and-coming competitors are beginning to explore the strategies that are making and breaking the user experience in this space.
On one side, these products were fairly straightforward when they first hit the market because content creators could simply sign up, create audio rooms or short-form podcasts, and then set a time for a broadcast. But as more and more negative user feedback bubbles to the top of internet forums, now is a good stopping point to consider just how “social” social audio should be.
We know social audio isn’t meant to imitate YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, whose user experiences are largely built around one-way communication. But if we exclude them, who should social-audio companies consider while developing their strategy?
Given my background in television and marketing, it should come as no surprise that I believe social audio needs to leverage the same strategies used by major news organizations.
Based on my experience, here are five of the easiest ways soci …

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