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Employees are designing the workplace of the future


Anamarie Huerta Franc

Anamarie Huerta Franc is managing director of SAP Labs in the U.S., responsible for leading cross-company collaboration, location strategy, communications and employee engagement for development employees across the country.

Why do we go to the office?
This is not a rhetorical question. Do we go to be around other people and work collaboratively? Do we go because it’s a dedicated location that allows us to focus on our work in a unique way? Do we go because we believe it’s necessary to be “seen”? Do we go because we’re just supposed to, because it’s what we’ve always done?
At SAP, it’s important not only that we find answers to these questions, but that our employees play a role in answering them — and in building the hybrid workplace of the future.
Just this summer, we rolled out a brand-new, hybrid work pilot program at our offices in Palo Alto. For months, we’ve been testing different floor plans and setups, a variety of work schedules, the most productive uses of space and …

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