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Russia’s Daily Coronavirus Tally Rises by 40,993 Cases


Image credit: EPA
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Russia reached an all-time high of 8,513,790 on Sunday, according to the government anti-coronavirus crisis center, TASS reports.
According to the report, the coronavirus growth rate was 0.48 percent.

The number of people receiving medical treatment for the new coronavirus has risen to 916,713, according to the crisis center.
According to TASS estimates based on data from the anti-coronavirus crisis center provided on Sunday, confirmed monthly coronavirus cases in Russia surpassed a million for the first time since the epidemic began in October.

The anti-coronavirus crisis center recorded 1,002,764 infections from October 1 to 31, up 69.4% over the previous month and 127 percent higher than October 2020.
The number of coronavirus recoveries in Russia increased by 27,115 in the last 24 hours, reachi …

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