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Why Letting Your Employees Build Their Own Work Policies Will Inspire a Resilient Workforce


In the midst of a global pandemic, and over a year after we experienced an unprecedented shift to remote work, organizations are rebuilding their resilient workforces. Certainly, no one can perfectly plan for unexpected disasters like a global pandemic. However, in a moment, organizations’ internal infrastructures, policies, and processes were rendered ‘useless’ — rippling disruptions that have impacted the very idea of work-life balance. The Cause of BurnoutLet’s rewind and go back to the beginning when COVID-19 first wreaked havoc — many organizations were not prepared to adopt a fully disrupted workforce model. The result? A lack of proper tools. These days, employers and employees alike have figured out work-from-home and have created the necessary environment needed to deliver quality work. Still, this transformation did not occur overnight, and the hard truth is the balance between work and personal life has been blurred. It’s easy to sign on ea …

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