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Human-Centered Design: Addressing The Top Reason 75 Percent of IoT Initiatives Fail


Illustration: © IoT For AllIf you’re reading the headlines, you know that companies across all industries are quickly moving to embrace what has been ambiguously titled “digital transformation.” This shift among companies is focused on staying relevant in a digitized world, and includes things such as: adjusting business & manufacturing, processes, teams, marketing & sales tactics; developing digital strategies; and deploying devices, technology, and cloud-based solutions to their customers. But as you dig a little deeper, you also find headlines (including the one above) calling out a harsh reality: the significant failure rate of IoT initiatives to seamlessly integrate device design, connectivity, actionable data, and user experience, all in the pursuit of digital transformation. Our belief is every IoT initiative in that 75 percent figure should and could have been prevented by proper use of human-centered design.That i …

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