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IoT segmentation secures device fleets and broader network


The ever-increasing use of IoT devices is leading corporations to adopt one of the evergreen methods of IT security — segmentation — to protect their burgeoning fleets of IoT appliances.

IoT devices, such as card readers, sensors and appliances, do not usually have much computing power or memory onboard. Therefore, many can’t run security programs to protect themselves on a network. Furthermore, it is often near-impossible to update or patch IoT devices over the air.
There will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices in operation by 2025, according to an IDC forecast. This multitude of devices will be pumping out a staggering 79.4 zettabytes of data by then. Those figures on their own are enough to give any IT security professional a major headache.
Attackers already target enterprises with a variety of IoT security threats and breaches. Doubtless, there will be many more on the horizon. One mechanism organizations can use to prote …

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