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Former GE CEO Jeff Immelt: ‘It’s Complicated’


Editor’s Note: Jeff Immelt will be one of the keynote speakers at our upcoming CEO Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Nov. 4 & 5. Please join us. 

If it’s true, as James Joyce wrote, that mistakes are the “portals of discovery,” then Jeff Immelt’s new memoir may serve as a detailed map for CEOs in every industry on what not to do. In Hot Seat: Hard-won Lessons in Challenging Times, Immelt offers an excruciatingly detailed look into the pivotal decisions he made at GE—many of which he was later crucified for in the press and on the Street. 
Immelt isn’t shirking the blame. He wants to own his mistakes—but he also wants those who laid the blame for GE’s decline squarely at his feet to fully under …

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