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Virtual Brainstorming for an Innovation Advantage for Hybrid and Remote Teams in the Future of Work


Fear of losing their innovative edge pushes many leaders to reject hybrid and virtual work arrangements. Yet extensive research shows that hybrid and remote teams can gain an innovation advantage and outcompete in-person teams by adopting best practices for innovation, such as virtual brainstorming. What explains this discrepancy between leadership beliefs and scientific evidence?Having consulted for over a dozen companies on a strategic return back to the office, I discovered the root of the problem. The vast majority of leaders tried to pursue innovation during the lockdowns by adapting their office-based approach of synchronous brainstorming to videoconference meetings. They found that videoconference aren’t well-suited for traditional brainstorming, and thus feel they need to go back to the office.
Unfortunately, these leaders are stuck with their existing methods for innovation, and haven’t investigated and adapted modalit …

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