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Apple debuts a new standalone Original podcast with true crime-focused ‘Hooked’


Apple is furthering its investment in Original Podcasts with today’s debut of the new true crime-focused Apple Original Podcast “Hooked.” The nine-part series will explore the story of a top engineer, Tony Hathaway, whose addiction to opioids led him to become one of the most prolific bank robbers in U.S. history. The podcast is produced by Campside Media and is hosted by its co-founder, Josh Dean. It features interviews conducted over three years with Hathaway, his family, law enforcement officers, and others involved in the story.
While the subject matter may be compelling, what makes this podcast stand out is that, despite being branded an “Apple TV+ podcast,” the show “Hooked” is not a tie-in to another Apple TV+ series or film. (At leas …

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