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Demand Curve: How Zapier acquires customers via its homepage


Joey Noble

Your startup’s homepage should accomplish two things well: (1) Clearly explain exactly what you offer and (2) Convert visitors into active prospects.
If visitors leave confused or your website isn’t able to convert, allocate the resources to fix it before worrying about marketing.
When building your startup’s website, start by getting inspiration from the websites of established companies in your industry. Why? Because larger companies will have the resources to test and optimize their website to convert, saving you the need to do figure it all out yourself.
This post is going to tear down the homepage of Zapier, a SaaS platform that now has millions of customers and integrates with over 3,000 apps.
This teardown covers all the key sections of Zapier’s homepage so that you can apply the conversion tactics and copywriting strategies to your startup’s homepage.
Grab attention early with these three tactics
The above-the-fold (ATF) section of a …

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