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E-commerce logistics startup Hive buzzes following $34M investment


Berlin-based Hive announced $34 million in new investment Wednesday as it continues developing its technology that provides direct-to-consumer brands an alternative way to manage operations.
The company was founded by Oskar Ziegler, Franz Purucker and Leo von Kleist in July 2020 to offer software and operational services, including transparent cost structures, special features and sustainable packaging and shipping.
Hive founders, from left, Oskar Ziegler, Franz Purucker and Leo von Kleist. Image Credits: Hive
Ziegler, who started out in food delivery with foodpanda in Hong Kong, said he began consulting on e-commerce and logistics, and during a discussion with friends who were building DTC brands, the topic turned to operational problems.
“It was then that I thought we could build something to give small retailers the same logistics power as Amazon,” he added.
Purucker explained that when DTC brands get starte …

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