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Form Energy, the buzzy battery tech company, offers more of a window into its work


Form Energy, a company that says it’s developing a rechargeable battery that can store electricity for days at a fraction of the current cost, has been accused of being overly secretive, even as it has lined up more than $360 million in funding from blue-chip backers since its formation in 2017 by a handful of founders.
One of those founders, Form Energy CEO Mateo Jaramillo, led the creation of Tesla’s Energy Storage group, and at an event last week, Jaramillo talked with former TechCrunch reporter and current CNBC correspondent Lora Kolodny about why the company has been operating in a kind of stealth mode. He shared more of how Form’s operations work. He also reflected on the more than seven years he spent at Tesla, working for Elon Musk, a period that we gather was, um, intense.
You can watch the entire interview below. In the meantime, following are excerpts from that conversation, edited for length.
On why we’re seeing a …

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