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Gillmor Gang: Film @ 11


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Nowhere is the mess we’re in more volatile than the media war on its rationale for economic survival. As broadcast television gives way to cable and now subscription television, the news networks are caught in a market crash. Trump’s loss in the election and social excommunication has made it super hard for the 3 main cable news channels to make a living. In turn that has rippled through the news economy and put pressure on the difference between the old nightly news hosts and the new landscape.
Mobile phones have made it easier to wait for notifications of breaking news than climb on the hourly analysis model that endlessly recycles the same talking heads we’ve already abandoned. Many of those experts have morphed into the Trump bookstakes, where old breaking news about January 6th and the 2020 election is carved up into soundbites and graphics, and then debated by the roundtables. Fox remains the ratings leader as MSNBC passes CNN, but overall …

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