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Haven’t switched from CentOS 8 yet? Here are your options


Joao Correia

Joao Correia has a long background in IT system administration, where he learned the intricacies of keeping enterprise stakeholders happy and systems protected.

Nobody likes it when Big Tech changes its mind. It’s particularly frustrating when it involves a major course change on something so essential to technology infrastructure as a server operating system. But that’s exactly what happened in 2020 when Red Hat stopped supporting CentOS as a stable release.
It’s a sudden change, and, in theory, you can respond rapidly and switch to a new OS, but the practical realities of large-scale server environments complicate matters. Sometimes, the best alternative isn’t that obvious either, which means you need time to make a decision.
Red Hat left CentOS users in a difficult position when it said it wouldn’t support the stable release beyond December 2021. The challenge of choosing the right alternative means many CentOS users are faced with using an unsupported OS. With just a month to go, time is running out.
Wait, what happened with CentOS?
Here’s a quick recap: CentOS is a rea …

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