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Learn about the benefits of on-orbit operations and servicing at TC Sessions: Space 2021


If you think manufacturing, assembling and servicing highly complex equipment on Earth is challenging, try doing it in space. On-orbit operations and servicing are vital emerging technologies, and you’ll have ample opportunity to improveyour understanding of them at TC Sessions: Space 2021 on December 14 – 15.
When a satellite breaks down, you can’t just call AAA. On-orbit servicing (OOS) enables inspections, repairs and technology upgrades for both military and commercial satellites — extending their service viability, reducing dangerous space debris and saving a galactic ton of money. Consider this: a military satellite in geostationary orbit can cost more than a billion dollars. Would you junk a billion-dollar car if you could fix it instead?
A very high-tech version of reduce, reuse and recycle, on …

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