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Lessons from a crypto entrepreneur: a conversation with Nader Al-Jani of BitClout


Nader Al-Naji, a crypto entrepreneur who today lives in L.A., has been on a roller coaster in recent years — and he doesn’t pretend otherwise.
In 2018, roughly 16 months after raising $140 million from investors for a cryptocurrency startup that aimed to develop a stablecoin, Al-Naji and his Princeton classmates returned $130 million when they couldn’t make a go of things. As Al-Naji came to realize at the time, Basis’s technology road map and U.S. securities regulations didn’t quite mix.
That didn’t stop Al-Naji from trying again. Instead, two years ago, he began work on DeSo, which he describes as a blockchain that was built from the ground up to power social applicatio …

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