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Party Round raises $7M to make the process of raising capital less awful


Party Round is building software that it hopes will make the process of raising early-stage corporate capital far simpler than it is today. And the company just used its own service to raise $7 million.
A host of names took part in the, well, party round, including Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six fund, Anish Acharya from a16z, along with checks from groups like Shrug Capital. Angels took part as well, including writers-cum-investors Packy McCormick and Austin Rief, and well-known folks like Emilie Choi and Nik Sharma.
The company’s view, as detailed by Party Round CEO Jordi Hays during an interview, is that tech founders have disrupted many methods of investing, but not the way that they raise capital themselves. His startup wants to work on the problem.
Per Hays, even using a modern fundraising structure like a SAFE doesn’t preclude a startup from dealing with lots of back-and-forths over documents, lawyers and tracking wire transfers. As the …

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