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The US has an education problem, but is Big Tech really the answer?


Danielle Rose

Danielle Rose is the CEO of SMASH, a STEM education nonprofit creating opportunities for students of color in K-12.

It may have taken congressional hearings, but America is starting to wake up to the negative effects the unexamined use of technology has on our society — particularly our young people.
From the Facebook Papers to the ongoing Elizabeth Holmes trial, we’re facing a clear reminder that in the tech industry, there is a pervasive preference for slick marketing over real results. But then why, when it comes to solving big issues, from healthcare to education, are we still so willing to trust Big Tech?
Having moved from corporate America to the tech industry to my current role leading advocacy efforts supporting racial justice in the education space, I’ve seen firsthand the harm in prioritizing flashy promises over real, measured impact and neglecting to engage existing expertise.
I also know all too well that we need to reimagine our education system — pa …

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