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VC has a pivotal role to play in the climate fight, but it can’t do everything


Ion Yadigaroglu

Ion Yadigaroglu is managing partner of Capricorn Investment Group and a GP of Capricorn’s Technology Impact Fund. He is an early investor in iconic deep tech companies including Tesla, SpaceX, Planet, Saildrone, QuantumScape, Joby Aviation, Helion Energy, Twelve, Electric Hydrogen, Redwood Materials and others. He serves on the board of nonprofit Ceres and the Technical Advisory Group of MethaneSAT.

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The COP26 in Glasgow last week averted disaster but also made clear the private sector’s crucial role in tackling climate change. Besides a few notable political wins to address methane leaks and rekindle frayed cooperation between economies, it was new commitments from the private sector that perhaps hold the most promise.
Back in 2006, Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” helped ignited $25 billion of venture investments in clean tech, mostly in the solar and ethanol sectors. Despite investors’ optimism, much of this capital burned out only a few years later, and as a result, many venture investors categorically avoided clean tech for the better part of a decade.
Thanks to our successes in the first clean tech wave, we are naturally opt …

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