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2 exercises that will bring your brand persona to life


Jamie Viggiano

Jamie Viggiano is the chief marketing officer at Fuel Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in consumer, SaaS and infrastructure businesses.

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It’s not enough to identify your ethos, target customer profile and position your brand. You must also consider how your brand comes to life.
Is it loud, energetic and the life of the party? Is it steady, dependable and trustworthy? Like people, every brand shows up in the world in a unique way. Your brand’s persona is what makes it come alive for your prospective customers, not to mention your investors, partners, and current and potential employees. While your core values articulate the underlying beliefs that drive your brand’s behavior, your persona is how your brand actually behaves. It’s how your brand thinks, feels, speaks and shows up in the world.

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The process of establishing your brand’s persona requires some deep thought and consideration. It’s a level of self-reflection that actually feels a little like therapy, and it’s worth putting the work in. Once you articulate the attributes that contribute to your brand’s persona and the primary elements of your brand’s voice, you’ …

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