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Accessibility awareness is on the rise, but is it turning into action?


Joe Apprendi

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For almost two years, people everywhere made massive adjustments to how they interact with the world. It forced many to change their daily behaviors. Unfortunately, some of these changes would make daily tasks many take for granted become daunting for anyone requiring accessibility or accommodations.
A Harris Poll reveals that more than half of American adults increased their online activities because of the pandemic. That number grows to 60% for people with disabilities.
The increase in online activities does not mean that everyone is able to achieve their goals. So, what kind of impact is the crisis having on accessibility? Are organizations finally getting the message on the importance of accessibility?
Accessibility awareness on the rise
In recent years, has it felt like everywhere you look there’s something about accessibility or people with disabilities? Many TV ads from Big Tech firms have featured people with disabilities and accessible technology.
Apple started with the first prime-time ads on network television, followed by Microsoft, with an ad during America’s biggest game. In a Google ad, a man who is deaf calls his son for the first time using the Live Caption on his Pixel phone. And Amazon has an ad about Brendan, an employee who is deaf.
Clearly, accessibility awareness looks like it’s growing. In May, in honor of Global Accessibility Awa …

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