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Fiverr rolls out new Pinterest-like personalized discovery feature


Freelance marketplace Fiverr is rolling out an interactive Pinterest-like mobile experience aimed at enabling users to engage with a constantly updated feed of visual content curated specifically for them. The company says the new feature, which is called “Inspire,” was specifically designed to help inspire new projects and help users uncover freelancers on the marketplace. Users can interact with the content by “liking” it in their feed and adding it to a mood board or list within the app in order to reference it later.
Fiverr says the new feature also aims to help users discover various services and capabilities that may be beneficial to their business or project needs. Content within the feed is curated based on users’ recent searches and purchases. The company notes that by using native endless exploration, users are not only exposed to content that is highly personal and relevant to them but also content that can be complementary to what they’ve previously looked at.
“We are excited to see what kind of inspiration and ideas come from this new experience and to con …

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