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Four Resolutions for a Healthier Tech Life in 2022


The coronavirus pandemic has been packed with plenty of nasty tech surprises.We ran into the problem of a perpetual scarcity of hardware, like game consoles and graphics cards. Apple this year announced a major change to its data practices, including a tool to scan iPhones for child pornography, which critics labeled an invasion of privacy. And many of us who tried ordering high-quality face masks to protect ourselves from the coronavirus had to swim through an ocean of fakes.Yet there was a silver lining to all this: valuable lessons to improve our relationship with tech for years to come, like becoming savvier online shoppers and taking control of our personal data.Think of it as New Year’s resolutions, but for tech. Here are my top recommendations.Resolution #1: Invest in infrastructure first.The pandemic, which drove many white-collar professionals to work from home, showed how many of us had sluggish internet connections. That underlined how little we tend to invest in our tech infrastructure, like the networking equipment and broadband services that power the internet connection for our devices.When people spend on technology, they generally buy gadgets before all else. Electronics like vide …

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