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Vercel acquires Turborepo


Vercel, the well-funded front-end development platform from the team behind Next.js, today announced that it has acquired Turborepo, a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript monorepos, an increasingly popular way for organizing source code into a single repository that includes all of the necessary packages to build an application.
As part of this acquisition, Vercel is open-sourcing the Turborepo command-line interface and giving Turborepo users a path for migrating their caching infrastructure to Vercel. Turborepo founder Jared Palmer will join Vercel to lead its build performance team. He will also continue to work on the Turborepo project.
When I last talked to Vercel co-founder and CEO Guillermo Rauch, he noted that “strategic acquisitions are always on the table” for the company. He noted that for a lot of companies, scaling their front-ends often becomes a major hassle, with increasingly long build times and teams t …

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