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After talking to marketing leaders for a year, here’s my advice for CEOs


Rebecca Lynn

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Marketing makes or breaks a company. When I am asked what is the No. 1 thing that I would do to help a company scale massively, it is focusing on marketing. Period.
I learned long ago that the best product doesn’t always win. It’s often a “good enough” product paired with killer marketing powered by unique customer insights. As a VC, I have seen this play out time and time again. Many companies get stuck in “feature and functionality” marketing, meaning they miss the opportunity to create durable brands. That happens when you elevate messaging to higher-level needs that solve a pain point for the end consumer and delight them on an emotional level.
I’m passionate about helping companies uncover new channels or reinvent old channels in a way that moves the needle. Finding a new way to make established channels such as TV, direct mail and radio generate awareness around a brand can be a huge competitive moat and propel a company to exponential growth.
I’m not saying that it’s easy. The job of a marketer get …

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