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Fintech Roundup: workers leaving in ‘droves’ in wake of CEO Vishal Garg’s return


Welcome to my new weekly fintech-focused column. It’s an incredible time to be a financial technology journalist. Besides the fact that over 20% of all venture dollars last year went into fintech startups, I am particularly excited about the many ways that this technology is helping boost inclusion all over the world. While this pandemic has sucked on 100 different levels, one good thing to have come out of it is that consumers and businesses have forced more fintech to exist, and that’s a good thing. 
I’ll be publishing this every Sunday, so in between posts, be sure to listen to the Equity podcast and hear Alex Wilhelm, Natasha Mascarenhas and I riff on all things startups!
There has been plenty of drama at online mortgage lender over the last couple of months and it appears that just because …

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