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Gillmor Gang: State Your Name


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Here we go with the last show of 2021, recorded in mid-December. It was Frank Radice’s last show from New York before he returned to London. It was nice to bid the year goodbye, but we were careful not to say good riddance like we did in 2020. It was nice to feel good about the Zoom-connected friendships we nurtured, and nice to appreciate the flow of working from anywhere and yet still being productive.
For me, the heartbeat of tech and its impact on so many things we struggle with — politics, streaming, and the media business — was and remains palpable. It may be that crypto will find its moment, but I wouldn’t gamble on it. The midterms loom, and social networks are turning topsy-TicTok and live audio, but I wouldn’t bet on the kind of numbers that will turn Wall Street on quite yet if at all. Newsletters are looking more and more like publishers, and publishers are going startup to head it off at the pass, but it w …

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