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How sweet is your blood? Scanbo gives an answer without poking holes in you


If you have diabetes, or ever suspected that you might, you will have done the poke-your-finger-and-drop-blood-on-a-stick thing until your finger goes numb. Finger-prick blood glucose monitoring is the de facto standard, but AI company Scanbo wants to put an end to all that, replacing the droplet with some off-the-shelf diagnostic tools and a big helping of data analysis.
The company has developed a prototype device that combines a three-lead ECG measurement and a Photoplethysmogram (PPG). The 60-second measurement is fed to a set of algorithms that can give you some very promising measurements. For starters, the device is doing non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, but the company’s founder claims that it can also do blood pressure measurements. 
I spoke to the company’s founder and CEO, Ashissh Raichura, as part of TechCrunch’s virtual CES coverage, where he told me a bit more about the technology. He also gave me a demonstration, first testing his own blood with a conventional …

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