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Panasonic says hackers accessed personal data of job candidates


Japanese tech giant Panasonic has confirmed that hackers accessed personal information belonging to job candidates and interns during a November cyberattack.
At the time of the data breach, which the company first confirmed on November 26, the company was unable to say whether hackers had accessed any sensitive information. However, in an update published on January 7, Panasonic said some personal information relating to candidates who applied for employment or participated in internships at certain divisions of the company was accessed during the incident. Panasonic said it was notifying those affected.
When reached, Panasonic spokesperson Dannea DeLisser declined to say how many people were impacted and the nature of the information accessed.
Panasonic’s update also confirmed that the data breach — which began June 22 and ended on November 3, before being detected on November 11 — saw the as-yet-unnamed hackers obtain files …

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