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Startups at CES showed that age-tech can help everyone


Age-tech startups at this year’s CES demonstrated the potential breadth of the sector. If tech can help an older person live more comfortably, it can also help out a lot of other people. After all, the usefulness of things like mobility aids, health monitoring platforms and long-term financial planning aren’t limited to the elderly.
Yesterday, I covered the startups at AARP Innovation Labs’ virtual presentation, which ran the gamut from a financial literacy platform to a D2C startup creating products to address menopause.
Some of TechCrunch’s other coverage from this week included Labrador Systems’ Retriever, a robotic cart with a retractable tray system, shelves and optional fridge. Capable of carrying up to 25 pounds, Retriever assists people with limited mobility, and can deliver payloads like laundry, meals and other items around a house. It ca …

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