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The FTC is reportedly probing Meta’s VR business for antitrust violations


Following news that the FTC’s antitrust suit against Meta cleared a critical hurdle earlier this week, the agency is apparently also taking a sharp interest in the company’s VR business.
Bloomberg reports that the FTC and multiple state attorneys general are probing Meta’s virtual reality division for “potential anti-competitive practices.” New York reportedly leads the state-level investigation, which has been chatting up outside software developers who make apps for Meta’s VR experience.
The state and federal officials are examining how the company may have engaged in anti-competitive behavior to suppress competition in the VR market. The officials were also interested in how the company subsidizes the price of its Quest 2 VR headset to push it on consumers and box out the competition, according to Bloomberg.
The fact that the FTC is digging around about Meta’s app store, hardware and software practices suggests that the company’s acquisitions aren’t i …

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