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Turkey’s Spyke raises $55M in a seed round to bring a social twist to casual mobile games


Istanbul has become a city to watch when it comes to casual gaming startups, boosted by the likes of Peak (acquired by Zynga for $1.8 billion) and Dream (valued at $1 billion in a funding round last year). Now, a new startup is announcing a major round of funding to make its own mark on the space. Spyke Games, which hopes to bring a new dimension to casual games by using multiplayer functionality and other social elements, has raised $55 million in a seed round of funding.
“Teams and alliances, clans, tournaments — these exist in the midcore genre and that is why they are so sticky,” co-founder and CEO Rina Onur Sirinoglu said in an interview. “They let people play together and compete together. We are betting this will start happening in casual games, too.”
The funding is coming from a single investor, Griffin Gaming Partners, a VC that focuses (as you can guess by its name) on startups working in and around the games industry. Other companies in its portfolio include Discord, Forte, AppLovi …

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