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As Databricks reaches $800M ARR, a fresh look at its last private valuation


One way to survive a valuations trough is to grow like hell

Alex Wilhelm

16 hours

Big-data analytics unicorn Databricks is back in the news, disclosing a new revenue figure and its 2021 growth rate. TechCrunch has been tracking the company for years, curious about its growth and what its rising worth said about its market. Today we’re revisiting its last private round measured against its most recent financial data. But to do that, we have to do a little background work first.
When Databricks raised a $1.6 billion round last August of 2021 at a $38 billion post-money valuation, TechCrunch got on the phone with CEO Ali Ghodsi to chat through his company’s latest mega-raise. We had a few questions.
One of mine was how he felt about the inherent pressure that such a huge private-market valuation would seem to engender — after all, startup valuations are estimates until they exit, meaning that higher prices mean greater expectations for future success. Ghodsi wasn’t sweating it.
He said at the time that he didn’t feel much p …

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