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Changing how we approach data privacy to unlock economic opportunities


Vivek Narayanadas

Vivek Narayanadas serves as General Counsel for MetaMap, which helps online services become borderless through user-centric, privacy-forward trust and safety workflows.

From securing a loan to renting a car to getting a job, our lives increasingly depend on the digital world to enable trust-based interactions online. That world is now borderless: people can interact with one another anytime, no matter where they are. However, online services often lack the ability to understand their users, and need to rely on external data sources to unlock access to their services.
These data sources are often completely invisible to users, who have little insight into how a service is making decisions about their trustworthiness, and as a result, can be skeptical of using a new service or working with a new online provider. Given this trend, data privacy and user control have become the new currency of economic opportunity – service providers that can give users transparency and comfort around the use of their personal data can more successfully expand into new regions and markets, and gain the trus …

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